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Mission Statements: Why are these important?

Why does my restaurant need one?

You are in the restaurant business; it is a rather simple transaction. You make the food and then the guests eat the food. Why would your restaurant need to have a Mission Statement? You may find yourself thinking that I am too busy with the day to day grind of the business to create one. If that is true, your team will benefit from having one even more since you are a busy restaurant!

Every great restaurant should have a Mission Statement. Mission Statements help define the vision for your employees and guests. A great Mission Statement helps separate you from other dining establishments. If you don’t have a mission statement, then why are you even in this business? Are you here just because you love bagels that much? There needs to be a deeper vein to your restaurant otherwise you will stay on the superficial level and your guests but most importantly your employees will see right through it.  Your employees will eventually regress to a point of only equating their presence to simply fulfilling their paycheck obligations until they can leave. Although that works for some people, it leaves a lot to be desired for most and lends itself to becoming a dysfunctional work environment full of griping and unproductive conversations.

Human beings desire direction and want to work for something more than a paycheck. This holds true even more so with the younger generation. They prioritize working for a purpose over the paycheck (Forbes – Purpose, not a paycheck).  Having a well-defined Mission Statement helps keep the attention and employment of the younger generation.  This leads to less turnover which enables your restaurant to have an easier chance to thrive with consistency. The Mission Statement is letting everyone clearly know the why of what they are doing here. Whereas, the handbooks and manuals are there to define the what for your employees.

With a strong Mission Statement, you will find improved employee engagement. Knowing the goal is more than just stuffing people’s gullets to their satisfaction. Restaurants (great ones) aim for more than simply satisfying human hunger; they propel them into an experience that is unforgettable. Having every employee know what the Mission is helps define your guests’ impression of the restaurant and staff.

It is important to continually pursue your Mission Statement to ensure that it is more than just words. It has to define the way you do business. Take’s Mission Statement for example. Our Mission is to transform the culture of the restaurant industry to improve employee engagement, efficiency and profits. Everything we produce has that overarching theme. We are not just a company out to make a buck, we are here to help transform an industry for the better!

If you are wondering what goes into making a great well-defined Mission Statement then Your Restaurant Helper is for you! The first module of my course takes you through developing a person mission statement just for your restaurant business!  Sign up for my course if it’s open enrollment or get on the waitlist HERE.


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