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Your Restaurant Helper’s Online Course

Increase employee engagement, reduce turnover and INCREASE PROFITS, by upping your leadership game for your restaurant!



Next Enrollment time:  spring 2022

The restaurant Industry has 75% yearly Staff turnover. 

This is not because of the economy, location or the competition. The turnover happens because restaurant leaders do not have the right support and direction to deal with the INTERNAL challenges of building a thriving staff.

is unlike any course or program out there. This course will give you the tools to unite you and your restaurant’s vision with the staff you hire. You will build an awesome staff culture that will deliver that amazing restaurant experience your guests expect. 

You’ll get: 

  • Strategy – Clear action strategies that are tailored to you and your business (not someone selling you their system or funnel!). 
  • Support – Online support for your digital course
  • Implementation & answers – No more jumping from course to course and not knowing exactly what to do next to grow.
  • Private Facebook Group support –  An encouraging community of other restaurant leaders to spur you on to action, even on those days you are feeling overwhelmed
  • Training & Education that will:
    • Define your restaurant’s mission
    • Develop the hiring path and staff organization (that can show individual growth pathways)
    • Create a consistent and impactful employee training manual
    • Implement a schedule for continual improvement of your restaurant

Ideal for any restaurant leader or owner who is responsible for hiring and developing restaurant staff and would like to stop the turnover, increase engagement and build a profitable team.

Investment is $2997.

NEXT Intake: spring 2022