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Howdy, I’m NATE Campbell

WELCOME TO “Your Restaurant Helper”

I will Save you time and money!! Together –  we will improve your restaurant culture and staff engagement.


“Having Your Restaurant Helper assist with this aspect of opening a restaurant was such a time saver and a huge stress relief. We would not have been able to complete this task in the manner or time we completed it without their assistance.”

Andrew Lim Exec Chef/Partner

City Rock | Korean Kitchen     Perilla | Korean American fare

“I had the pleasure of being Nate’s manager and from day one he displayed exceptional leadership, confidence, and integrity for himself, others, and his profession. He has been passionate about this journey to be able to provide the restaurant industry with elite education to align with his business model and decrease employee turnover and increase profits. His ability to teach what he loves about the restaurant industry is bottled up in his program and there is still so much more he has to offer any restaurant leaders!!!!”

Marcus Summers, Founder of Purpose is Power, LLC