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MONEY! It seems to be the grease that keeps the wheels of business rolling and the restaurant industry bleeds it more than most.

Employee Engagement is the MOST critical factor you can control influence to improve your restaurant’s efficiency and profits. However, it seems to be that more often than not, with restaurants, it is a LACK of employee engagement dragging your restaurant down!

The world is a very busy place and now is the time to make sure your employee’s focus at work, is ON WORK! Using Your Restaurant Helper’s Online Course is the BEST way for you to ensure you are getting the best out of your employees.

Worldwide, it was found that only 13% of employees are actively engaged in their work, leaving 87% of the workforce either NOT engaged or ACTIVELY DISENGAGED!

The research also states that disengaged employees costs companies 34% of their salaries in absenteeism, lack of efficiency and loss of profit.

Let’s do some math

If it takes 20 employees to run your restaurant, on average at least 17 of those employees are not engaged in their work. Using an average wage paid by the company of $10 an hour ($20,800 per year). Your restaurant is losing over $120,000 EVERY SINGLE YEAR!

This number doesn’t even include the over $5,800 you lose when you turnover any employee, disengaged or not! *Spoiler alert* Disengaged employees turnover at a higher rate which creates even more money lost… It’s a circle of destruction that runs rampant in the industry!

Imagine having an extra $120,000 to toss around every year! Might make your profit margin look a bit nicer. That is what an engaged restaurant staff will do for you!

Your Restaurant Helper’s Online Course is the answer to fix your disengaged staff and takes you step by step to add thousands of dollars to your bottom line.