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Healthy Human, Healthy Worker

Flaunt your health not your wealth

We all understand and agree that the best way to live a “healthy” life is to be active. The experts say resistance training is an excellent way to fight off father time to help with bone density and muscle strength. However, in a society that seems to rank wealth above health there are some folks who would make a discussion about its “value” that isn’t what we are talking about. Bare minimum, it is true that exercise is good for you. If you still don’t agree here is a list that gives 10 more detailed positive outcomes from exercise.

I like to say that every person needs to treat exercise as their own personal Health 401k. The earlier and more often that you invest in it, the better off you are going to be in the future.  It is best to start saving for retirement or learn how best to approach your health in your 20s rather than playing catch-up in your 40s or 50s. Both ways are possible, just starting earlier is easier.

As restaurant people, I have found one of the most common reasons for not exercising is because “I am on my feet all day.” Well that and prolly “Nah, I’m hung over,” but let’s focus on one that isn’t preventable. Although you may “be on your feet all day”, it does not offer a complete exercise program that addresses your entire body.

The best thing about exercise is that there are about a billion ways to peel that potato! There are so many different ways to move that SOMETHING has to work for you. From running to gyms to rec leagues to yoga to spin studios to trampoline classes to Zumba to swimming to hiking to HIIT to group fitness you need to do your due diligence to find some exercise that works for you!

As someone who is a professional, it is your job to attempt to bring your best performance to the field each and every single day. Yes, we are humans who have off days but if we aren’t doing the proper things away from work to properly prepare, can you really say you’re a professional? This is your job and you need to pursue it like other professionals do. And guess what, professionals exercise because they know how important it is.

It might be annoying to hear, but your health is a LIFELONG pursuit. The only time your health doesn’t matter is when it is too late for you to do anything about it. Keeping your body (and mind) healthy is the most important thing you can do have a “great” life.  Building into your habits for healthy living are vital to improve your work performance.

Unfortunately, human behavior is tricky.  Even though we can agree and understand what is best for us, we don’t.   A lot of the time, we know what we need to do; it takes some guidance from an expert and/or a human to hold you accountable. If joining your local gym wasn’t enough to kick start your exercise habit, invest in a personal trainer (which is actually an investment in yourself).

A personal trainer is the most Boss-level move most people don’t do. Having a trainer at the gym is like having bottle service at the club. In both scenarios, someone is bringing you what you want but it is still your job to do the exercise or drink the aforementioned bottles. The big difference is that one is a great investment in your health that will make you feel stronger the next day and the other is a frivolous, short-sighted investment that makes you feel weaker the next day. Make your choice.

Finding a way to develop commitment to fitness is a lifelong challenge and you need to develop community that prioritizes their health. This is also similar for restaurants. Sometimes your restaurant health is lacking and developing a community of people all working to do what is best for the restaurant’s overall future and health is a huge undertaking! It is okay to do what you need to do to improve your restaurant’s health.

Be brave enough to know that you can’t do everything on your own. When you need to reach out to a consultant or purchase Your Restaurant Helper’s online course to help revitalize your restaurant — DO IT! When you need to sign up for a yoga class or a new boxing gym to find some fun new ways to move your body towards health– DO IT! Invest in yourself and your restaurant to ensure health for now and into the future. Go out there and flaunt that health because it will lead to more wealth!


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