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10 Best Ways to Use Your Restaurant’s Time Wisely

Make the Time Count

  1. Punctuality- Somewhere along the timeline, showing up late became fashionable. With the world being able to re-assess their priorities, being punctual needs to be at the top of the list. Don’t punish employees too harshly and instead incentivize their punctuality with early cut or a prize for X number of shifts of being prepared. Being punctual also applies to your restaurant standards; having to-go orders and prompt food/drink service is imperative to profitability and returning guests.
  2. Knowledge- Utilize this time to improve you and your team’s knowledge. If it is learning about wine or food ingredients, now is the time to focus on what your restaurant wants to be knowledgable about. It could be knowing the available live DJ sets or how the local sports team are doing. Whatever your community of guests and employees value should be a constant source of learning.
  3. Community involvement- Get to know and build within your community. Now, more than ever, is the time to be building relationships with your regulars and any person that is trying you out for the first time. Find out local virtual or in-person events you can host or be involved in. Work with other business and organizations to collaborate for your neighborhood’s success!
  4. Innovation- Every idea you and your team have should get its chance to be discussed. Innovation for drinks, food, service, operations, every stone should be turned over a few times. Listen to your customers for any valid input that could improve things. Did they happen to always ask about a certain ingredient or wine? Find an innovative way to inform them. Maybe an ingredient spotlight on your website or social media page will help drive interest towards your restaurant.
  5. Teamwork- Lean into your employees. They want your restaurant to succeed so listen to what they have to say. Work to find ways to bring out the innovative thoughts they have and how you can better operate as a team. Build into the unity of your organization with cross training and PRODUCTIVE team meetings.
  6. Mission Focus- What does your restaurant stand for? If you don’t have a mission statement, read this blog to find out why it is so important and sign up for our course to create your own after the first module. If you do have a mission statement, great! Now is the time to ensure every staff member and your community knows what you are focused on. Drive home your mission statement to continue on the road to success.
  7. Efficiency- With your entire staff working on your mission statement, you can find the most efficient ways to operate your restaurant. With limited capacity or just slower shifts as can occur in our business (even without a pandemic), you need to find ways to be more efficient. Wasted time is wasted dollars. Cross-training and productive meetings are excellent ways to focus on what you can improve on.
  8. Work/Life Relationship- Relationships have aspects of give and take. There will be ups and downs and sometimes your focus will be more on “work” because it has become your “life.” Having a well-rounded and fulfilling life includes finding a balance that works for you and your schedule. If you work long hours every week, you can be drained because exercise, sleep and diet aren’t able to keep up and replenish your body. Work to ensure you take care of your health along with your bank account.
  9. Branding- Your restaurant has a brand. Use this time to develop it. There are organizations with such great brands, that humans will work there for free. Volunteer organizations (along with internships and staging in restaurants) are able to do that and you can learn more about that through this blog. Use social media, your internet presence, your team, your guests and any other way that is possible to push your brand to the world so more and more people will want what you offer!
  10. Fun- Life is hard. Work is hard but it should be rewarding and FUN. Not every moment of work can or should be fun but a workplace devoid of fun is one destined to fail. Human beings yearn for fun; it is why we pay athletes so much. We consider playing games as a profession to be fun. Which it most certainly is! But it also requires hours and hours of practice and training that most humans are not willing or able to endure. Find ways to bring fun into your workplace. Here is a blog to bust out of a slump and one to encourage a winning environment!



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