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Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

When it's time to use a lifeline

We live in a very diverse world that has brought in billions of different thought processes and allowed for billions of different jobs and specializations. The old adage of “it takes a village” shouldn’t just be applied to raising a child; it can just as well be used for raising a great business from the ground up.  As much as I would like to say that I am the controller of my own destiny and can learn/apply enough knowledge to care for myself (or my business), I understand I need other people to help me out.

This needs to be viewed as a sign of strength instead of weakness. It is okay to reach out to folks who are experts in their field and utilize their skills.

There are things I need to ask others to help me with. I understand that if I dedicate the time and resources, I could most likely become proficient in some areas. However, I don’t have much passion for some things so I am willing to reach out for help. Some of those areas are like doctors, dentists, artists, blacksmith, financial planners, plumbers, etc.  These are just a few areas that I recognize I need others to help me succeed in this life.

Cars- Unless the tank is on E or the Air Conditioning needs to be turned up, I ain’t your guy. There are people who have taken courses and invested the time to become experts in this arena and I utilize those services to my benefit through AAA or my local mechanic.

Hair- I tried cutting my hair in college once or twice and it didn’t turn out well. I have worked in professions where your appearance matters. Showing up as a disheveled or unkept consultant or personal trainer will unfortunately cost me money because my perceived value to potential clients will be lowered. So, I reach out to an expert. For those of you in the City of Chicago, check out Neon Avenue, they keep me lookin “handsome”

Music- I turn to the radio because I can’t make my own music. If I had a knack for playing instruments or if my voice would stop being so dang flat, I’d probably no longer outsource this and make some jams of my own that my ears could appreciate. Unfortunately, I am left to butcher some Whitney Houston or John Legend all by myself — trying to replicate their musicality and that is perfectly okay.

Online Courses- Believe it or not, creating an online course wasn’t something that came naturally to me at Your Restaurant Helper. My Finance/Management degree and years of hospitality, comedy and process improvement have all helped me develop my career but my tech savvy still isn’t too high. I knew I needed help to succeed so I read books and most helpful — took the time to invest in Create Awesome Online Courses to develop a step-by-step course for building an awesome restaurant staff!  My online course (as of 10/19/20) is now easily accessible and super convenient for anyone across the world.

This same theory needs to be applied to your restaurant! You are hiring employees to wash dishes, prepare and serve food. You have paid for services to make or provide your music playlist, deliver your meat or booze and provide your POS system. Sure, eventually it would be great to try and integrate a vertical monopoly to keep money in house but that usually takes more time and money than most restauranteurs have.

So, how can you make your life easier by reaching out for help aka using a lifeline? Is there a mentor in the restaurant business you could reach out to? Do you need to hire a sommelier to improve your wine service? Do you need a marketing whiz to help promote your business on social media?

Most importantly, is it time to take an online course to help lower-turnover and improve employee engagement? With an average restaurant worker turnover rate of 75% in 2018 and 2019, that answer should be yes for every restauranteur. Take the time to invest in your work culture to hire and train the right employees from the start to build the BEST restaurant culture you can imagine! Your Restaurant Helper’s Online Course is an amazing place to start.


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